Software and hardware I like and use.


  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 32GB RAM (2021)

    I've always used Macs for work, and my current work machine is no exception.

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

    Almost everything Apple makes has great quality, with the exception of Magic Mouse. I hate trying to use gestures and the right-click on them is horrible, so the Magic Trackpad is leaps and bounds better in my opinion.

Development tools

  • VS Code

    The extension tooling cannot be beat in VS Code, and due to working on multiple languages (and tools) daily, it makes my life immeasurably easier. Plus, having vim bindings in my nice editor makes me feel smart.

  • iTerm2

    I don't remember the reason I started using this but it's been my main terminal emulator since college.

  • Arc Browser

    I tend to have issues with very distracting tools, so the ability to minimize noise in my browser is a huge feature I didn't know I wanted until I started using Arc.